More Hormones to Improve Sexual Function

hormone-replacement-therapy-665x385Testosterone and DHT

When supported in men who are deficient, work together to improve nitric oxide response, particularly when used with herbs that clear SHBG and reduce PDE-5 enzymes. That combination, according to independent studies and our research, shows improvements in nocturnal erectile function, spontaneous erections and erections upon sexual encounters. Keep in mind, one must also use phytochemicals to clear unmetabolized estrogens to continue experiencing good results when using these hormones, otherwise estrogen will shut down the sexual pathways.

The sun increases LH hormone by 69% to enhance testosterone for sexier encounters. “Love at first site” occurs because phenylethylamine (PEA) is the hormone that is released when you see someone you’re interested in, causing attraction to the opposite sex. We have located a natural algae source that is highly concentrated and gives a feeling of love and euphoria, and we have added it to transdermal creams.


85Can also raise dopamine levels. Dopamine increases receptivity to pleasure. It allows us to recognize, seek and pursue pleasure, and it increases inspiration, motivation and anticipation. Dopamine from velvet bean root increases sex drive in both men and women and creates an urgent desire for the pleasure of sex. Dopamine also facilitates orgasms and allows you to feel love and be addicted (in a healthy way) to the person you love. Dopamine also decreases cravings for alcohol and other abused substances such as cocaine. It can improve alertness and energy, and has been used to treat Parkinson’s disease and addictions, including addiction to food.

 We stimulate the L-Dopa pathway with natural herbs to increase dopamine. Just as with most hormones, you don’t want levels to be too high or too low. People with high dopamine levels caused by diet pills or amphetamines can have a greater tendency towards schizophrenia; in men, premature ejaculation may occur. People with low dopamine levels cannot feel love or attachment to another.


86At a high level initially relaxes and decreases defensiveness, improving sexual compliance, desire, and responsiveness by taking away anxiety and resistance. However, once the elevated serotonin levels reach a set point, interest in sex is reduced and orgasm is inhibited in both sexes. Low serotonin levels caused by diet pills can increase aggression and excessive sexual aberrations. Diet pills and amphetamines tend to reduce serotonin so much that behaviors such as promiscuity, compulsive masturbation, and sadomasochistic fantasies become commonplace. With a combination of 5-HTP and L-Dopa derived from Mucuna Pruriens in our product (Grow Young with HGH – human growth hormone), we see serotonin restored to better levels. This improved serotonin level helps overcome depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.


87Increases during touch, creating bonding and a feeling of love. Oxytocin levels increase to maximum levels that are 3-5 times higher than normal, just prior to reaching and ejaculation. Men become sleepy after sexual release because they aren’t used to as much oxytocin as women are. Oxytocin increases ejaculate volume, sperm count and also speeds ejaculation. The yawning reflex is related to sexual arousal and the penile erection, and after a yawn penile sensitivity is enhanced. Maybe in primordial times when people yawned it was a cue to go to bed together!

Stimulation of male and female nipples increases oxytocin levels and arousal. The oxytocin spray called Syntocinon used for stimulating breast-feeding can cause the nipples to stand erect, like erectile tissue of the penis or clitoris. Oxytocin also makes a woman want vaginal penetration, and contact between the penis and vagina releases oxytocin in both males and females. Estrogen combined with oxytocin creates a need to cuddle and experience attachment and physical bonding. Since women have much higher levels of estrogen than men, they generally have a stronger need for attachment. Women benefit from taking oral or nasal dosages of oxytocin to enhance orgasms and feelings of social bonding.


Is a peptide-like hormone that, according to Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, author of The Alchemy of Love and Lust, bonds and enhances parenting feelings. Vasopressin increases prior to ejaculation and remains high throughout orgasm. It primes a person for orgasm and increases as a result of arousal. The vasopressin spray called Desmopressin provides the peptides that inspire sensitivity, orgasm and firmer erections.

We have a number of male and female clients using PT-141. The benefit of PT-141 protein peptide used nasally or subcutaneously is that it does improve erectile function of the penis and stimulates the clitoris. The reported side effects at too high of dosage is facial flushing, nausea, and post-nasal drip. Females (18 in pilot study) reported increase in sexual desire and genital arousal after receiving PT-141 as compared to placebo. Men experienced harder, firmer erections. We had used the origin hormone MSH, and although it did improve erectile function after subcutaneous injection, it caused the skin to become too dark.

Nick Delgado