Herbs for Hormones and Healing

In addition to providing protein, fiber, Vitamin B and Vitamin C, certain mushroom species were handpicked for their properties to release stem cells from your bodies bone marrow. Maitake and Reishi specifically contain healing properties that have been used in the Middle East for centuries. They have been proven to boost heart functions and promote the immune system by fighting…


Gluten Free Explanation

Fad or Necessity? The Gluten Free craze is not without merit. In fact it’s not only useful for most people, it’s absolutely vital for some. Yet the idea of avoiding something such a common dietary ingredient, has some people perplexed. “I’ve been eating it all my life and I’m alive, what’s the problem?” In this…


How to Detox Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogen Toxicity   Both men and women are profoundly affected by estrogens. Some are natural, and some are what we call xenoestrogens which originate outside the body.   The use of things like, plastics, pesticides, chemicals, bad fats and oils, processed foods, preservatives, and pollution, to name a few, have really altered our biochemistry.   Good estrogens are imperative to…


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